Monday, October 22, 2018

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System Integration

System Integration

Today’s business world is driven on data … that means data needs to move between systems.  To you this may mean pushing or pulling data from a website, loading data into your accounting program from a production system, pulling data out of your accounting system for reporting or a “Bolt-On” subsystem that will deliver additional functionality.  When configured correctly MS Access and SQL Server can deliver solid and dependable performance.  Gear I.T. Services has the experience and knows the best practices that will help you move, merge and report on your data.  

Common Solutions:

  • Integration with Quick Books, Dynamics, Navision, Oracle , IBM iSeries and other databases 
  • Ability to work with XML, CSV and flat files 
  • Hooking into industry specific vertical software to deliver missing functionality
  • Press of the button updates
  • Schedule Synchronization
  • Offline cleanup and scrubbing of data prior to reporting or loading 
  • Data analysis - Supporting business decisions or helping make  business decisions
  • Mailing list cleanup, merge, purge and unduplication 



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