Monday, October 22, 2018

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Migrate Excel > Access > SQL Server

Migrate Excel > Access > SQL Server

Are you ready to take your business systems to the next level?  As your business grows you need your systems to grow as well.  Excel works great in the right environment, but when you have lots of complex macros and/or need for concurrent users, the whole process can get pretty fragile and it is time to move to Access. Once your data resides in Access things go good until you have 10+ users with some more complexity in the database that helps business efficiency but slows the database down. Now it is time to move the data into SQL Server. Gear I.T. Services has the experience to handle the migration and make improvements with each step.  With a proven track record your migration will get done right the first time allowing your staff to focus on your business not problems with your system.

Excel to Access Benefits:

  • Allows for multiple concurrent users 
  • Supports multi level data better 
  • Data will have Referential Integrity
  • Users will experience more functionally that will be simpler to use
  • Still can export queried data to Excel for reporting 
  • More Security, ability to control what a user views and updates
  • Can utilize the free runtime version of Access

Access to SQL Server Benefits:

  • Robust database engine that will support a high number of users and complexity
  • No data corruption problems
  • Access has a 2gig limit, the free version of SQL Server 2008 has a 4gig limit, full paid version is unlimited 
  • Does not require a complete re-write. Data moves to SQL Server, forms and reports stay in Access but generally requires some adjustment  
  • Great solution for 10 to 100 user environments



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