Monday, October 22, 2018

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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Gear I.T. Services knows business systems, large and small, and can work in any industry, work with any size company, to help you achieve your vision into reality with software that works for you.  Gear I.T. Services understands business efficiency and can translate and streamline your business systems.  With a business and work flow focus we work closely with you in order to define your needs.  We’ll design and program in Access, SQL Server, SharePoint and .NET, train your users, and provide on-going technical support.  You’ll see increased efficiency and save your company money with Gear I.T. Services’ proven processes from years of experience in the business and technology. Get it done right the first time

Types of Software:

  1. Primary System -  A custom program that will fulfill all your operations needs and integrate into your accounting software
  2. Sub Systems - Bolt-On programs that integrate with your Primary System to fulfill missing needs  
  3. Desktop Applications – Most Users are all inside your business network
  4. Web Applications – High number of outside users or need for public access

Benefits of Custom Software:

  • Software that works like your business works. Not the other way around. 
  • Flexible and scalable with company growth and change
  • Insures effective and organized communication within your company.
  • High functionality – increase productivity and efficiency
  • Eliminates duplicate entry and reduces paper work
  • 21st century business automation with Word, Excel, .pdf, Windows Files and more.
  • Designed for user ease and adoption.
  • Reuse and adjustment of prior built code whenever possible to help reduce cost
  • Version updates are automatically installed after initial installation 
  • No per user fee, no licensing cost, no annual charges, source code is yours.
  • Cost Effective

Designing your Custom Software:

  1. Free initial consultation.
  2. Mutual understanding of requirements, definitions, and needs.
  3. Project Budget 
  4. Form Design
  5. Show and Tell. We show you the program and tell you what additional functionality will come with code. This is a great opportunity to visualize – some things just cannot be put into words      
  6. Form Coding and  Reports development
  7. Data Conversion and Developer Testing
  8. User Testing 
  9. Deployment, hands on training, and software adjustments.
  10. Ongoing support as needed. If you have low turn over and your business needs do not change this can be very minimal 



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